Wind Turbine Instillation

Here is a video of our ES guys hard at work installing a wind turbine!


SMU Discovers financial model to result in billions of capital inflow

The Maguire Energy Institute at SMU has put together a financial model that would result in $3.2 billion- $5.6 billion in additional capital inflow to support renewable energy.  By simply expanding access to the MLP to main stream investors renewable energy can gain popularity by giving investors a choice other than fossil fuels.

You can learn more about this study by clicking here.

Wind Energy: An Intelligent Approach Towards Meeting Our Engery Needs

The prices of energy from conventional sources are on an ever upward spiral. As cost continue to rise and non-renewable sources of fuel become less available, investments in energy alternatives become increasingly attractive. When combined with the available tax incentives wind energy offers an excellent return-on-investment especially when compared to other investment opportunities.

Wind energy is today’s leading alternative energy source for the generation of electricity. Ecologically safe, non-polluting, definitely renewable, energy from the wind is a technology whose time has come.

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ES Wind Power In the news…

ES Wind Power is currently in Great Bend, KS at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo.

If your in the area make sure to stop by today before 4pm!

Reporter Dale Hogg from Great Bend Tribune stopped by to ask a few questions for a news article. Read that article here.

Kerry Kisslinger Presentation

Producer’s Meeting

Thursday – April 19th

Program: Wind Energy –

 A Technology Whose Time Has Come

For Texas Cattlemen

Kerry Kisslinger with ES Group, Inc., presentation will focus on the wind turbines that ES Group manufactures in Houston and the technology incorporated into their design.  The program will explain how today’s modern wind turbines can save up to $2,000 per month on electricity and pay for themselves in less than 48 months.                                              


Did you know?

Did you know that the U.S department of Energy’s goal is to have 20% of the country’s energy needs provided by windpower by 2030?

Did you know that the United States is the second highest ranked  company for CO2 emissions?

Did you know that if by 2030 the United States uses wind power for 20% of the countries electicity the CO2 emissions will be reduced by 825 million metric tons?

Did you know that Germany will invest 200 billion euros in renewable resources including wind power?

Did you know that wind power is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world?

Did y0u know that the United States is the second largest wind power producer in the world?

Did you know that Texas is the leading state for wind power?

Did you know that 6.5% of Texas electricity is provided by wind power?

Did you know more than 80% of United States residents are in favor of wind power?

Wind works!