Myth Busting

Myth: Wind Power is not creating jobs in America

Fact: U.S. wind industry employs more than 75,000 people in 2011


Myth:  Wind is expensive

Fact: Investment in a wind turbine system can be completely returned in a two year time period on average. Several grant programs and funding methods are currently available, not to mention the federal and state tax incentives associated with implementation of new and necessary energy sources.


Myth:  Wind energy is not growing

Fact: In 2011 Wind energy increased by 27%


Myth:  Wind energy does not have many benefits

Fact:  Coal is a limited resource just like oil. And both are detrimental to the environment, not to mention individual health. Wind turbines provide clean, quiet and efficient energy using the most renewable natural resource on the planet.



Wind Energy: An Intelligent Approach Towards Meeting Our Engery Needs

The prices of energy from conventional sources are on an ever upward spiral. As cost continue to rise and non-renewable sources of fuel become less available, investments in energy alternatives become increasingly attractive. When combined with the available tax incentives wind energy offers an excellent return-on-investment especially when compared to other investment opportunities.

Wind energy is today’s leading alternative energy source for the generation of electricity. Ecologically safe, non-polluting, definitely renewable, energy from the wind is a technology whose time has come.

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Small Business Owners Want to Go Green

We recently stumbled across this article showing that most small business owners believe federal clean-energy investment helps drive job creation and economic growth. Read more:

ES Wind Power is committed to helping businesses maintain cost effectiveness and efficiency by utilizing wind turbines as their primary source of energy. If your business is looking to go green and cut cost, contact ES Wind Power!

Wind Won’t Spill

Wind Power is currently growing at a rate of 30% annually.  Why is that?

One of the many reasons Wind Power is being chosen is that there is only so much oil, natural gas, and coal left on this planet. While many claim that the supplies of these fossil fuels are plentiful the fact remains that eventually they will be depleted.

A wise man once said, “We did not inherit the earth from our fathers…we are borrowing it from our children”


How Wind Power is Helping Our Economy

  • The wind power industry currently employees over 85,000 people in the United States.
  • Wind power is saving farmers, ranchers, schools and many other businesses money in a downward economy.
  • Wind power reduces hidden cost from air pollution and health care.
  • Wind power is a constantly regenerating resource with an unlimited supply.
  • Wind power provides price stability.
  • Wind power can create property revenues.

Did you know?

Did you know that the U.S department of Energy’s goal is to have 20% of the country’s energy needs provided by windpower by 2030?

Did you know that the United States is the second highest ranked  company for CO2 emissions?

Did you know that if by 2030 the United States uses wind power for 20% of the countries electicity the CO2 emissions will be reduced by 825 million metric tons?

Did you know that Germany will invest 200 billion euros in renewable resources including wind power?

Did you know that wind power is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world?

Did y0u know that the United States is the second largest wind power producer in the world?

Did you know that Texas is the leading state for wind power?

Did you know that 6.5% of Texas electricity is provided by wind power?

Did you know more than 80% of United States residents are in favor of wind power?

Wind works!

Kerry Kisslinger Forms ES Wind Power

In a global economy that increasingly calls for greater innovations in alternative energysources, ES Wind Group is there to answer that call. The demand for wind energy has climbed substantially over the years, and consequently, a number of wind turbine farms have been popping up across all borders. However, for those consumers who seek only the very best in quality and service, ES Wind Group is one of the few and the proud to honor that commitment to excellence.

Whether consumers are new to the world of wind turbines or considered to be a seasoned pro, ES Wind Group has something for everyone. The company’s top-notch team of engineers are among some of the world’s most trusted. With wind turbines dotting the Alaskan coastline all the way down to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean’s Ascension Island, it comes as no surprise that ES Wind Group presents a unique opportunity to this fast-developing global industry. ES Wind Group understands that optimization is the key to any successful, effectively run business.

What makes wind energy so desirable? The benefits of owning wind turbine farms are many! If people are looking to start their own business or supplement one they already run, look no further. The costs of wind turbine technology have dropped significantly over the years, but the yields keep on growing in light of a more “earth friendly” world economy. In fact, between 2008 and 2009, wind energy made up a staggering 40% of all new energy selected by electric companies. Also, it is a well-known fact that wind turbines have become one of the single most cost effective energy resource to date.

Unlike coal refineries, these turbines do not pose any harm to the environment, and they will never hurt your bank account. Also, wind is a renewable resource and will never be obsolete. However, the best part about these spectacular machines is that your power source, the wind, comes without a price tag!

At ES Wind Group, a vast array of services are covered by a friendly, professional and an incredibly enthusiastic team of workers. Both multiple and single unit installations are provided, which include an evaluation of available resources, lot selection, economic review and application. All of these services are accompanied by the assistance of innovative computer technology and the minds of some of the world’s finest engineers.

Consumers simply cannot find a better name in the world of turbine technologies. ES Wind Group provides these services in many fields, including agricultural business, commercial development and wind turbine farm projects. No matter what a business’ needs may be, ES Wind Group can help make the biggest dream a reality.

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