SMU Discovers financial model to result in billions of capital inflow

The Maguire Energy Institute at SMU has put together a financial model that would result in $3.2 billion- $5.6 billion in additional capital inflow to support renewable energy.  By simply expanding access to the MLP to main stream investors renewable energy can gain popularity by giving investors a choice other than fossil fuels.

You can learn more about this study by clicking here.


What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

Do you ever wonder what your carbon footprint is? Want to know if your family is doing enough for our environment? has a great carbon footprint calculator that will estimate the amount of green house gases your choices create.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? ES Wind Power can help.

Wind Power- America’s Choice!

89% of American voters (84% of Republicans, 88% of Independents and 93% of Democrats)  believe increasing the amount of energy the nation gets from wind is a good idea.

The reason why so many American’s choose wind power is due to the fact that wind power doesn’t just generate electricity. It also adds a new source of steady income to farmers and ranchers.

Wind Energy: An Intelligent Approach Towards Meeting Our Engery Needs

The prices of energy from conventional sources are on an ever upward spiral. As cost continue to rise and non-renewable sources of fuel become less available, investments in energy alternatives become increasingly attractive. When combined with the available tax incentives wind energy offers an excellent return-on-investment especially when compared to other investment opportunities.

Wind energy is today’s leading alternative energy source for the generation of electricity. Ecologically safe, non-polluting, definitely renewable, energy from the wind is a technology whose time has come.

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3 Money Savers

In today’s economy everyone wants to save money. Here are some great ways to save energy thus save money!

1. Wind Turbines. Whether they are for your business or your home, you can save tons of money.

2. Light bulbs.  Switching to energy efficient light bulbs saves the average household 7% on their electrical bill.

3. Energy saving shower heads. These can save you up to 60% on your water bill.

Wind is Affordable

  • Wind Power is clean, renewable and affordable
  • Wind is free so the long-term value for businesses and families is protected
  • The cost of Wind Power has dropped over the years due to better technology and efficient manufacturing
  • No one knows when prices of coal and natural gas will spike but wind energy remains steady
  •  A study from Duke and Georgia Tech found that the Southeast could save $23 billion by 2030 by investing in renewable energy


Easy Steps to Go Green

-Recycle. If you purchase a divided bin it will make recycling really easy and fun for you children to do as well.


-Compost. Simply take your food scraps, dig a hole and cover it with sand or soil. This is a great way to return nurtients into the soil.


-Clean Green. Use eco friendly products to reduce the amount of chemicals that are being put into your home. There are so many simple great green cleaners that you can create yourself.


DIY cleaning disinfectant

1/2 c. vinegar

1/2 c. water

mix together in spray bottle