Our principals and team of consultants have over 60 years combined experience in the industry. They have been involved in over 1,000 wind turbine installations in over 40 countries, including several hundred throughout the Midwest. Our staff of professionals devote the time, manpower, and resources to support clients before and after the sale.

Our roots date back to 1982 and include some of the very first wind turbine installations in Kansas. The experience we gained with the older turbines has proven invaluable. Our technical staff includes recognized leaders in the fields of wind turbine aerodynamics, electronics, and structural dynamics and testing as well as engineering. We have demonstrated professional business capabilities with a proven track record of leadership in contracting, finance, manufacturing, and service support. All ES Wind Group’s wind turbines utilize practical design concepts incorporating proven features to provide cost-effective operation. From single-source applications to offset high cost energy, to multi-unit wind farms, ES Wind Group delivers.

Commitment to reliable economic systems, product improvement, new products, and customer protection makes ES Wind Group an industry leader. Our experience and expertise in dealing with financial institutions, utilities, and regulatory agencies provide credible support in project definition, engineering, permitting, and marketing. Our service teams, staffed by professionals, are available on a full-time basis to meet customer needs promptly and reliably.

We provide the experience and resources that make wind energy a highly profitable investment opportunity.


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