10 Things You Never Knew You Could Recycle

1. Carpet – most carpet contains chemicals that can be very harmful if put into a landfill so it’s best to recycle carpeting. You can even donate carpet that is in decent condition.

2. Soap- many people around the world die from illnesses that could be prevented by simple hand washing. Check out http://www.globalsoap.org to learn how your left over soap can help.

3. Eye Glasses- there are many organizations who will take your old eye glasses and distribute them to those in need.

4. Hair- pet fur and human hair is actually compostable and recyclable.

5. Jeans- some companies use the fibers in blue jeans to insulate homes and appliances.

6.Crayons- you can simply melt used or broken crayons down and create new ones. It’s a fun project for kids to mix colors too.

8. Dryer lint and cotton balls- throw either of these into your compost or recycling bin.

9. Keys- the metal used in keys can be broken down for many uses.

10. Wine Corks- ReCork is using wine corks to create flip flops, flooring, insulation and much more.

Source: Kerry Kisslinger


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