What is Earth Week?

Earth Week is a week set to focus on environmental issues. Earth week is recognized around the world to increase awareness about the nature and the environment. Many people celebrate Earth Week in different ways.

  • go meatless
  • use less electricity
  • only use reusable bags
  • have a book or clothing exchange
  • plant trees
  • avoid using excess water
  • recycle
  • start a garden

At ES Wind Power we recognize everyday as Earth Day, by using wind power we are cutting down on the amount of environmental damages being done to our earth.

No invention in history has had the impact on society equal to that of electricity. In the modern world, it is an absolute necessity. For many years, the primary resource for producing electricity was coal and coal-fired power plants continue to be a prominent method. The problem with coal resources in electricity production is the damage to the environment. In 1999 alone, the United States coal-fired power plants released 48 tons of mercury into the atmosphere.

In addition to mercury emissions, coal-fired plants also emit the radioactive material thorium. Thorium is used in nuclear reactors at various locations across the world. Along with thorium, a 1,000 megawatt power plant will produce over 5 tons of uranium. A power plant of the same scale will emit nearly 13 tons of thorium. Both thorium and uranium are known carcinogens and the amount of environmental damage being done is incalculable.

The obvious alternative to these electrical production methods is the wind turbine. If your business, school, farm or ranch would like to learn more about how you can not only help earth but also cut down on your expenses contact us at ES Wind Power.com or call (855) 577-WIND


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