Fun wind activity for kids

Since kids are our future it is a great idea to start teaching them about the power of wind! Here is a fun craft and activity for you to do with your kids!

What you will need: a square of card stock paper (that you can let your child color), a pencil or small wooden rod, a tack, and scissors

Step 1: cut 4 slits on card stock and punch a hole on each left hand corner and the center. (I used the tack to punch the holes)

step 2: Fold each corner with the hole punch into the center of the square, making sure to line up all the holes. Place tack through the center.

Step 3: attach your tack to the wooden rod or pencil. (make sure to turn the edge of the tack in if it is poking through the rod)

Step 4: Take it outside and see what the wind can do!

Keep checking back for more fun wind activities!

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