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Here is an article about ES Wind Power in the Polk County News

As the farming economy progresses toward new forms of energy, the use of wind power is growing in popularity as a means of maintaining cost effectiveness in all types and sizes of farming operations.
Jim and Charles Gabel of rural Osceola have recently invested in two wind turbines as their primary source of energy for irrigation and grain drying.
“I’ve been reading about wind power for about 10 years and decided it was worth the investment,” commented Jim Gabel. “We’re trying to be energy self-sufficient and hopefully cut down on energy costs in our farming operation.”
Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy. Very few resources can compete with the wind. It is a constantly regenerating resource with an unlimited supply.
Jim Gabel purchased their wind turbines from ES WindPower in Texas. One of the turbines is located just south of the Charles Gabel home to generate power for their pivot, grain bins and electric well. The other has been placed one mile north of the Gabel home near their other grain bins, and will power the dryer and pivot there.
To date, the Gabels are the first farmers to take the plunge and invest in wind turbines in Polk County.
The two, 25-kilowatt wind turbines are tied directly into Polk County Rural Public Power District lines. When the winds are over 8 mph, the 44-foot diameter blades, built on a 100-foot tower, will generate 480-volt 3-phase electricity, which first goes directly to the Gabel’s center pivots, wells and grain dryers. If it’s not windy enough to meet the Gabel’s electrical load at that time, the control system automatically takes what it needs from the utility. If the winds are over 50 mph, the turbines automatically shut down.
When power lines are down due to weather or other factors, the wind turbines do not run either. “This is a good safety plan,” Charles added.
During the time the Gabels are not running their center pivots, wells or drying grain, the excess electricity is sold back to Polk County RPPD, which purchases the power at the same rate they pay NPPD for electricity.
Each turbine should save the Gabels anywhere from $600-$800 per month on electricity. Those savings, combined with tax incentives, allow the turbines to pay for themselves in as little as three to four years.
Cornerstone Bank backed the Gabels on their wind turbine investment. “We are proud to help finance ventures such as these wind turbines,” commented Troy Lindsley, Vice President and Manager of Cornerstone Bank in Stromsburg. “Cornerstone Bank is excited to be a part of anything that ultimately leads to less dependency on standard energy needs and helps the environment along the way.”
Wind turbines provide clean, quiet and efficient energy using the most renewable natural resource on the planet.
When in operation, the wind turbines make a “whining” sound—they are no louder than an average lawn mower or a drying bin fan.
The turbines ES WindPower manufacturers carry a 5-year warranty, and a lifetime service contract is available. The ES WindPower turbines have been operating since 1982 and have proven to be extremely reliable. These modern turbines take advantage of the latest developments in power electronics and provide an investment opportunity for businesses who want to take control of their future energy costs.
“We feel like as much energy is used, there is a demand for wind power,” Jim added. “We’re looking into the future, and electricity costs are not going down any.”
It is difficult to predict the condition of the electricity industry in the next 25 years, but it is clearly a valid consideration that the ability of wind turbines to generate electricity from the immediate environment is the safest, cleanest and most cost efficient method that will be available in the long-term for any business.
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Want to learn more about how ES Wind Power can help your business maintain cost effectiveness and efficiency by utilizing wind turbines as their primary source of energy? Interested in a wind turbine investment that can be completely returned in a two year time period on average?

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Fun wind activity for kids

Since kids are our future it is a great idea to start teaching them about the power of wind! Here is a fun craft and activity for you to do with your kids!

What you will need: a square of card stock paper (that you can let your child color), a pencil or small wooden rod, a tack, and scissors

Step 1: cut 4 slits on card stock and punch a hole on each left hand corner and the center. (I used the tack to punch the holes)

step 2: Fold each corner with the hole punch into the center of the square, making sure to line up all the holes. Place tack through the center.

Step 3: attach your tack to the wooden rod or pencil. (make sure to turn the edge of the tack in if it is poking through the rod)

Step 4: Take it outside and see what the wind can do!

Keep checking back for more fun wind activities!

Why wind power?

Wind Power is Clean
Look at the Environmental Benefits just one medium-sized Wind Turbine can provide –
Over the next 25 years that single Wind Turbine…
Can prevent the release of nearly 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide into our air
It can prevent the burning of nearly 2,000 tons of coal and the associated pollutants
It can save nearly 2,000,000 gallons of water that would have been used in a traditional electrical generating facility
No emissions, greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide…
Energy from the wind is clean and renewable
Did you know?
– U. S. Coal-fired electricity-generating power plants emitted an estimated 48 tons of Mercury in 1999.
– Coal plants emit a huge amount of Radioactive Material into the atmosphere.
– A 1,000 MW coal-burning power plant (Sunflower Electric’s new SW Kansas plant is 895MW) releases as much as 5.2 tons/yr. of Uranium and 12.8 tons/yr. of Thorium
– This contains 74 pounds of uranium-235 (this is 100 times greater than a comparable nuclear power plant).
– Including processing output, the coal power plant’s radiation output is over 3x’s greater than a comparable nuclear power plant.
Sources: plant per unit mass

Check out Vice-President Kerry Kisslinger up on the wind turbine!