State Policy Wind Power

Wind Energy is growing in popularity and becoming more in demand than ever before. With the popularity of wind power more jobs are being created for Americans. Right now, 29 states have renewable electricity standards, and seven states have renewable energy goals.

AWEA shows Texas Stat Policy as follows. Texas leads the U.S. states in installed wind capacity thanks to good market policies, high electricity demand, and a great wind resource.  Wind development got underway when the Texas state legislature passed a modest renewable energy standard (RES) in 1999, requiring utilities to begin to diversify their electricity sources.  Then, in 2005, the legislature both strengthened the RES and added the landmark transmission policy calling for the creation of Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ), which allowed for movement of electricity from wind-rich west Texas to the heavy load centers further east and south.

As a result of such strong policies, in 2009 Texas surpassed its renewable energy targets.  In 2010, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) generated about 8% of its  electricity from wind; on some days, ERCOT now secures as much as 25% of its electricity from wind.

According to the Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC), wind in Texas has saved consumers money.  The PUC Scope of Competition 2009 Report to the Texas Legislature said, “For each additional 1,000 MW of wind that was produced, the analysis showed that the clearing price in the balancing energy market fell by $2.38.”

Source: AWEA to find out information about state wind policy check out AWEA and DSIRE


Myth Busting

Myth: Wind Power is not creating jobs in America

Fact: U.S. wind industry employs more than 75,000 people in 2011


Myth:  Wind is expensive

Fact: Investment in a wind turbine system can be completely returned in a two year time period on average. Several grant programs and funding methods are currently available, not to mention the federal and state tax incentives associated with implementation of new and necessary energy sources.


Myth:  Wind energy is not growing

Fact: In 2011 Wind energy increased by 27%


Myth:  Wind energy does not have many benefits

Fact:  Coal is a limited resource just like oil. And both are detrimental to the environment, not to mention individual health. Wind turbines provide clean, quiet and efficient energy using the most renewable natural resource on the planet.


10 Things You Never Knew You Could Recycle

1. Carpet – most carpet contains chemicals that can be very harmful if put into a landfill so it’s best to recycle carpeting. You can even donate carpet that is in decent condition.

2. Soap- many people around the world die from illnesses that could be prevented by simple hand washing. Check out to learn how your left over soap can help.

3. Eye Glasses- there are many organizations who will take your old eye glasses and distribute them to those in need.

4. Hair- pet fur and human hair is actually compostable and recyclable.

5. Jeans- some companies use the fibers in blue jeans to insulate homes and appliances.

6.Crayons- you can simply melt used or broken crayons down and create new ones. It’s a fun project for kids to mix colors too.

8. Dryer lint and cotton balls- throw either of these into your compost or recycling bin.

9. Keys- the metal used in keys can be broken down for many uses.

10. Wine Corks- ReCork is using wine corks to create flip flops, flooring, insulation and much more.

Source: Kerry Kisslinger

Wind Power for Your Business – Green Movement

There are many benefits of using wind power for your business. One of these benefits is making your business green. Even if your business isn’t environmentally green by nature you can make it green by using wind power. As the green movement grows many people prefer to use green businesses as much as possible. By using wind power your business will capture the attention of this popular crowd. For more tips and ideas about being green visit Kerry Kisslinger Green Living Blog.

SMU Discovers financial model to result in billions of capital inflow

The Maguire Energy Institute at SMU has put together a financial model that would result in $3.2 billion- $5.6 billion in additional capital inflow to support renewable energy.  By simply expanding access to the MLP to main stream investors renewable energy can gain popularity by giving investors a choice other than fossil fuels.

You can learn more about this study by clicking here.

What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

Do you ever wonder what your carbon footprint is? Want to know if your family is doing enough for our environment? has a great carbon footprint calculator that will estimate the amount of green house gases your choices create.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? ES Wind Power can help.

Wind Power- America’s Choice!

89% of American voters (84% of Republicans, 88% of Independents and 93% of Democrats)  believe increasing the amount of energy the nation gets from wind is a good idea.

The reason why so many American’s choose wind power is due to the fact that wind power doesn’t just generate electricity. It also adds a new source of steady income to farmers and ranchers.